Ghost Shift III
Stefaan Dheedene

SC / 611 pages / 29,7 x 21 cm
Published by
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
Studio Luc Derycke

Ghost Shift is a) a closed display case housing a circular table saw and a copy machine, b) a the simultaneous performing of sawing and copying by two actors in the Ghost Shift display case, c) a series of books, registers of the consecutive Ghost Shift performances. On January 31, 2009 at Deweer Gallery in Otegem, Belgium, Stefaan Dheedene systematically sawed small wooden beams into pieces as small as he could make them. Deborah Delva simultaneously began copying on A4 paper, starting from a blank sheet, always using the latest copy as the original. A process of photographic feedback started. Another process was that of physical interference: sawdust gathering on the glass plate of the copy machine. The performance ended when all wood was cut. This publication is a collection of centerfold pages that can be removed for exhibition purposes. The publication Ghost Shift III comes in an edition 3 copies; all signed and numbered by the artist. Price on request.

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