Maquettes / Models 1 1980–2005
Tadashi Kawamata

HC / 472 pages / 27,9 × 21,6 cm
Published by
MER. Imprint of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Tadashi Kawamata, Andreas Pluskota, Mouna Mekouar
Sven Beirnaert
978 90 8931 580 9
60.00 euros

Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata (°1953) lives and works in Paris. For the past three decades, Kawamata has been creating transient, site-specific intallations in public spaces, often where you least expect them. An essential element in his work is the process of building, by which the participation of local residents plays a key role. Typically, his sculptural works are made of simple construction materials, such as wooden pallets, residual wood, old chairs, etc. This edition, the first volume of a trilogy, focusses on his impressive maquettes, created in preparation for the monumental installations. Kawamata chose the title maquette, which for him, in this context, refers to relief-like, semi-three-dimensional pieces.


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