Tim Onderbeke

SC / 76 pages / 21 × 13 cm
Published by
MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Tim Onderbeke & Melanie Deboutte
Lauren Grusenmeyer
978 94 6393 204 2
19.00 euros

Artist Tim Onderbeke and jewellery designer Louisa Maria Ponseele combine their fascination for memory, beauty and luxury in the artist book Spoons. On the beach they created shiny utensils with found materials that they pressed into the sand and casted into tin. The result is a beautiful series of fragile, poetic objects with titles such as ‘Spoon for stealing rainbows, ‘Post Poseidon’, ‘Tea for two’ and ‘Moule a gogo’. ‘Moreover, in a typical place setting, spoons are also purchased or given as ornamental objects: as a ceremonial gift at a baptism, as an expression of a lover’s affection or as a souvenir from a journey, be it near or far.', Melanie Deboutte writes. She begins her essay with Botticelli's Birth of Venus, where we see this goddess being carried ashore on a shell. "It is impossible to pinpoint the date at which the first spoon appeared, but somewhere between a hollow shell and an empty palm, a scoop emerged during the course of prehistory.”. After this she takes the reader on a trip through art history with the aid of the spoon.

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