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A New Spirit in Booking

CC Strombeek, Strombeek-Bever, BE


Curator: Luc Derycke

Named after the infamous exhibition A New Spirit in Painting, held at the Royal Academy in London in 1981, A New Spirit in Booking addresses shifting practices related to the book as medium. Whereas the digital revolution challenges the existence of the classic book since the past decennium, artists now increasingly engage with this specific medium as a core mode of expression. The artists invited for the exhibition show work in which the book as medium is key. Contrary to the classic artist book, A New Spirit in Booking defines the book in a non-book space, opening its layered registers in a hitherto unseen way. The outcome is their work, not the reproduction of their work. With works by Remi Verstraete, Ruth Sacks, Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan), Stefaan Dheedene, Sébastien Capouet, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Jochem Vanden Ecker, Diedonné Cartier, Diego Tonus, Erik Van der Weijde, Reinaart Vanhoe, Jerry Galle and Johan De Wilde.

Photo's © Sophie Nuytten & Milena Vergara

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