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Dirk Vander Eecken: Nano

Emergent, Veurne


Curator: Luc Derycke

Nano is a picture book. It contains 144 photographic reproductions that seem to belong to one and the same iconographic family. A number of them are scientific imagery, others are reproduced from the work of the artist Dirk Vander Eecken. All pictures are abstract, and thereby are fictitious models of a reality which we cannot see but may nevertheless conclude to exist. Science has delivered proof of this existence, but still needs fictitious models to picture it. In art this existence remains fictitious, but is put in the world as works of art that do exist in reality. 

Pictures from art and science in Nano are set indiscriminately in one sequence, and show, devoid of function or materiality, ‘nothing’ but themselves. When we expect them to visualize a reality then this reality remains invisible. 

Photo's © Emergent, Veurne.

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